Acrylic scraps, sheet, powder, and pellets

Ongoing Acrylic scrap are listed below,

Off grade sheets, 10 loads per month, color white-clear is about 50-50%, percentage may change, was covered with films, processed by casting, typical sizes 3 feet x 4 feet, 5 feet x 7 feet, thickness 4-6 mm.

PMMA sheets, Acrylic sheets, off grade

Acrylic scarps may change in color and form, please email us for updated inventory. After baled and wrapped with films, they are a little difficult to see. But if you be patient, you can see the quality.

Acrylic scraps baled

Acrylic powder and pellets

Acrylic powder white

Acrylic pellets white

For more information, please send email to, or call 972-816-6800 (M), 972-268-9922 (O). Thanks!