Plastic scraps we buy

We buy plastic scraps that are post industrial, post commercial and post customers as below in types of

  1. HDPE – High-density Polyethylene
  2. PVC flexible – Polyvinyl Chloride
  3. LDPE – High-density Polyethylene
  4. PP – Polypropylene
  5. PS – Polystyrene
  6. ABS, PC, PMMA and other engineering plastics
and in from of pipes, baskets, barrels, totes, buckets, lids, bags, plates, bottles, films and purges, and more. All the plastics we buy must be clean, no food, no oil, not dirty, no other stuff. We can pick up free for plastic in about 10000 lb or more. We can buy from you, if you have same type of material in big amount.

Please contact with us via or via phone 972-816-6800 (M), 972-268-9922 (O). Thanks!